My name is Gisi Vella, I grew up in a rural area in southern Germany.

My family always had cats and besides that there were dogs, turtles, ducks, birds, goats, cows,... with neighbors and friends.

For several months , I was walking a friend´s dog, a boxer named Hero. I fell in love with this dog, which started a life long friendship with dogs.

a walk with hero...

with savannah and allan...

In 2009 I came to Astoria – following my love – and making a new home here with my husband Allen and our Maltese Savannah.

A friend of mine, whose 2 Schnauzers I´ve been walking and sitting several times asked me if I would fill in for her dogwalker who was going to be unavailable for some months.

all my dogs...

So I became a dogwalker!

Although the weather was sometimes rough – it was during the winter months – I loved it and I knew:

This is it! This is what I want to do!

That was the start of my dogwalking and catsitting business.
Since 2011 I have walked many dogs: from Affenpinscher to Weimaraner, from rambunctious puppies to special need senior dogs.

Catsitting is always a special treat for me: I absolutely love cats but my husband is allergic, so I´m always very happy to spend some time with your kitty.

So if you´re looking for somebody you can rely on and want to be sure your furry friend is in good hands and well cared for – Contact me

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